Space Boy

Drawing by Eva Dahshleiger


Space Boy


Sit down, my boy, and listen to the story,

About the day you came into this place.

You slapped in to the hands of loving father Shlomy

And kissed your mothers Helen’s face.


That moment was so full of glory,

When parents kindly looked at you.

The happiness you bringed, and worry,

And sea of love for you.


“I had a dream one night…

Some Plane in out of space,

My husband, me and Baby,

That smiled in to my face.”


Helen looked so excited

About this crazy dream.

They had a rapid landing

Into the urban field.


“I saw my baby crying

In shuttle of the plane.”

“Don’t worry”, – said. “O baby,

Take hand and come.” – explained.


At first it looked so simple –

It’s just one of the dreams.

But Shlomy said “ Your labour.

That’s what you saw, it seams.”


The days had passed and couple

Forgot about the dream.

They learned about the labour

And how to work as team.


At first they met a doula

That teached a lot of things.

Relax, to breath, to move it

Towards the positive thoughts.


And then one day it changed…

All natural and pure,

To something extremely different

From labour picture that they knew.


The doctors had decided

That you will come to world

In a different way… “Exited!”

“That is the only word!”.


You parents waited, prepared

For magic day to come.

They worried. But not scared.

For you! For First! For Son!


And then came “rapid landing”

Mom’s body feels – it’s time…

Contractions, pain, hand handing…

You chose Your Perfect Time!


C-section – “rapid landing”,

You kissed your mother’s face

You father’s smile while handing

Your little hand in grace!


I can’t describe the Joy

I saw in eyes of two…

“Our Daniel, our Boy!

All Holy World – for YOU!”

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